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Singing! short course in singing technique 27.-29.8.2021

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SINGING – short course in singing technique in Helsinki,
Fri. – Sun. August 27.-29.
Friday –  5:30pm – 7:30pm
Saturday 11am – 13pm
Sunday   11 am – 13pm
In the SINGING short course, you will learn the key elements related to the basic technique of singing; breathing technique, respiratory support, sound balance and articulation. We put the technique into practice by practicing singing in a small group and, if the members of the group so wish, also in a masterclass setting with personal guidance, while others listen. You can participate in the course without the ability to read sheet music and also without ”being able to sing” 🙂 The course is progressed according to the skill level of the group.
The course includes 3x2h group lessons + an exercise package for home.
The price of the course is 240 € / participant and we will enroll max. 3 students/course.
Course location: Lapinlahti Old Hospital, Therapy House. Lapinlahdenpolku 8, Helsinki


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